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Neil Armstrong

Astra Halliday


This footprint from 1969 is still on the Moon! There is no wind or rain, so the print will sit there forever... unless someone else disturbs it in the future!

The astronauts spent about two and a half hours on the surface of the Moon. Misson Control did not want them to spend longer in case their spacesuits stopped working.


Every second of their time on the moon was planned. Once Armstrong and Aldrin were both on the surface, they planted an American flag and a plaque. Armstrong spoke to President Nixon via telephone.


Armstrong took many photos, many of which are now world famous images. They took samples of moon rock and left a memorial to fellow space explorers who had died.


When their time was up, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin launched off the Moon's surface in part of the landing module. They returned to the command module, and four days later they splashed down safely in the Pacific Ocean. Their mission was over.

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