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Neil Armstrong

Astra Halliday

Gemini 8 Mission


Unfortunately, the mission was cut short when there was an equipment malfunction, sending Armstrong's craft spinning at one revolution per second!


The astronauts were able to land the craft safely, but the other main mission objective, to achieve a space walk, was not achieved. Armstrong was upset about this, but it was found that he and his co-pilot had done everything right in the way they handled the emergency.

The target vehicle, as Neil Armstrong would have seen it as his Gemini spacecraft approached.

In 1966, Neil Armstrong was one of the two pilots that flew the Gemini 8 spacecraft. This mission was the first time Armstrong had been into space.


One of the main objectives of Gemini 8 was to conduct the first in-space docking with another spacecraft. This was a target vehicle that had been launched earlier. The idea was to practise docking in space.

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